Campaign success as defib unit is fixed to community centre wall

THIS device will save lives. An automatic external defibrilator (AED) has been mounted on a wall at Abshot Community Centre, thanks to the management committee and local 
Councillor Sarah Pankhurst. 

Sarah said she was pleased to support committee member Laura Wareham with advice from One Community in applying for community funding to buy the AED. It is located outside the main entrance and will be logged on to the NHS database.

She said: “Working for the NHS 111 Service, I see first-hand how important this technology is in the fight to save those with heart problems.

“Indeed, the AED has proven time again that if used quickly and efficiently it saves lives. It is important places such as community centres have easy access to this technology.” 

Sarah and the Abshot committee thanked Claire Benfield of Fareham Borough Council for helping with the project.