Seeing how Fareham is Policed

COUNCILLORS Seán Woodward and Jon Butts visited Park Gate Police Station to find out how their areas are policed from Sergeant Nick Morgan.

Park Gate team comprises a sergeant, 6 PCSOs and 4 police officers.

Building an economy that works for everyone

Today’s employment statistics show that with 31.77 million people in work, employment remains at a record high of 74.5%, while unemployment stands at 4.9%.

Freedom March set for Fareham

A Freedom March is set to take place in Fareham Town Centre to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the twinning of the towns Fareham and Vannes, France. 

Britain is open for business

The 2015/16 Inward Investment Report shows that the UK remains the best place in Europe for business to invest.

Locks Heath welcomes new vicar

ST JOHN the Baptist church at Locks Heath has a new vicar who has pledged to serve the community.

Unexpected t(r)ea break for unsuspecting lorry driver

Unexpected t(r)ea break for unsuspecting lorry driver after his trailer clipped an overhanging branch in Meadowbank Road, Fareham today.

Cllr Tina Ellis checking with residents that everyone was alright and the incident is dealt with quickly.