Conservatives put the elderly at top of the social care list

SOCIAL CARE for Hampshire’s elderly is in the safest hands – the CONSERVATIVE County Council.

Elderly residents of Collingwood Court discuss social care issues with Peter Latham and Fred Birkett.

The proof lies in the financial facts. This year, social care costs will increase by £21 million, so we had to make a bold decision to increase council tax by 4.99% to ensure our old folk are properly looked after. That was the maximum allowed without a referendum and that was what we did at the February budget meeting. So where did the other parties stand on this vital issue?

Labour: Proposed a 3.99% increase which would have produced a shortfall of £5.3 million. Liberal Democrats: Voted against the budget, but offered no alternatives as to how it could be funded.

County Councillor Peter Latham told the meeting: “I don’t like paying extra council tax any more than anybody else, but I could not face the electorate unless everything had been done to protect the elderly in need of social care. “No one in Hampshire is getting any younger and any one of us might wake up one day needing it. “Yes, the CONSERVATIVES REALLY DO CARE.”