Councillor deals with ‘misbehiving’ bees

A LOCAL apiarist came to the rescue when bees swarmed into the roof of a resident’s home in Coniston Walk.

Owner Mrs Rita Collis had been trying to get them removed for 2 years, but failed as honey bees are a protected species. So she contacted Conservative Councillor Keith Barton who knew a beekeeper in Portchester, Robin Chandeler.

Keith said: “Robin assessed the situation and, with the cooperation of the Borough Council, scaffolding was erected and workers donned protective clothing to go up and remove several fascia panels.

Cllr Barton

The bees were lured out by first removing the brood (inset photo) to entice the queen into a hive placed on the ground while the colony was relocated. The bees are now settled in their new home with Robin Chandeler, pictured demonstrating his skill to Keith Barton