Fareham Conservatives hold EU debate

Fareham Conservative association hosted an EU Debate for members chaired by Suella Fernandes MP which included Julian Lewis MP speaking in favour of leaving the EU and Major General Jonathan Shaw CBE CB speaking in favour of remain.

The EU referendum is a once in a lifetime vote, and with events like Suella’s next EU debate are being hosted to help constituents and voters to make a decision when they cast their vote.

Dr Julian Lewis MP, the Member of Parliament for New Forest East since 1997 and the Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee and Major General Jonathan Shaw CBE CB served in the British Army in the Falklands War, Kosovo and Iraq.

With the expertise on the panel, and Suella acting as a neutral host questions from the floor included issues such as Defence and Security with the ongoing issues across Europe and the Middle East being of concern and whether a Leave of Remain outcome from the referendum would change the UK’s defence policies and security threats. Dr Lewis MP argued that the reason of peace and stability was not due to the EU but instead was due to the UK’s membership of NATO and although Major General Shaw did not disagree with the importance of NATO, the cooperation between EU members was not something the UK should dismiss.

Further questions about UK Borders, the financial cost or benefit of the EU and the single market meant the debate overran the allotted time as with such an important issue, many guests wanted to find out the facts in the run up to the Referendum.

Whatever your position on the EU, to be able to vote in the Referendum you must register to vote by the 7th June. You can find out more on how to register here https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or contact Fareham Borough Council.