Mayor unveils new community defibrillator

A NEW defibrillator was unveiled at Portchester Community Centre by Councillor Geoff Fazackarley in one of his first duties as Fareham’s new Mayor.  

The life-saving equipment was provided as part of an initiative by the Council to see them installed in public buildings across the Borough. Some centres have received funding from the Council, others have had help with installation and staff training. The aim is to ensure that every Council-owned community centre has its own machine. Youth groups and local residents have also been trained to use the defibrillators in case of emergency.

The Mayor said: “Each year 75,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest in the UK, butchances of survival increase dramatically if someone is treated with a defibrillator quickly. It’s fantastic that we have able to support the installation of this life-saving equipment across the Borough, it gives peace of mind knowing that they are available should they be needed.”

Portchester Community Centre manager Carol Mertens said: “We’re delighted to have this new defibrillator installed. It’s an important safety asset for the local community. “As a busy community centre, with activities for young and old, it’s reassuring to know the defibrillator is here if needed. Several members of our staff have already taken the training to use the defibrillator, and because it is situated on the outside of the building, it is available for use in the wider area, too.”

There are also defibrillators in the Civic Offices, the depot in Wallington and Ferneham Hall and the Council has been running a series of training sessions for its own staff on how to use these machines, in which more than 80 officers have taken part.