£30,000 grant to tackle food waste

FAREHAM has received £30,000 funding from Sainsbury’s as part of the supermarket’s ‘Waste less, save more’ campaign.

The project works with local communities, led by a group or the council. Councillor Tiffany Harper says Fareham was chosen to be one of 160 communities across Britain and successfully bid for a share of the £1m.

“A Food Saver Champion will be recruited to work on our behalf on the project, whnich is also supported by Hampshire County Council. “We will encourage everyone to submit ideas and recipes, and short video clips to feature on social media.

“We will run a competition for local schools to design a bag for restaurants to encourage diners to take home any food they cannot finish.

New housing tenants will be given Welcome Packs to help make the most of food they buy, and a Packed Lunch Rescue will help parents avoid waste. Initial focus will be on one refuse collection round in Fareham South, where amounts of waste can be monitored.