Start is imminent on M27 and M3 Smart Motorway work

HIGHWAYS England will shortly start work on a major scheme to increase the capacity of the M27 by a third between junctions 4 and 11 and the M3 between junctions 9 and 14.  It includes a replacement M27 all-moves junction 10 to serve Welborne. The design for junction 10 is currently with Highways England for sign-off, so the Council will be able to determine the Welborne planning application for 6,000 new homes over the next 25 years. Council Leader Seán Woodward,

pictured with Regional Sponsor for Smart Motorways Adrian McCrow, said: “I have campaigned for years to see the M27 and southern section of the M3 upgraded to Smart Motorways and am delighted that £500m are now being spent to do just that.  “A third increase in capacity will bring many benefits to businesses and residents who suffer daily on these roads.  Delays cost money, put off trade and add to pollution.

“I believe concerns about the loss of a hard shoulder are unfounded as many 70mph dual carriageways work well with an occasional lay-by.  “Thirteen emergency refuges will be placed on the M27 – one every 75 seconds for somebody travelling at 60mph.”