Councillor Leslie Keeble

Borough Councillor for Fareham West.

Having lived in Fareham for 55 years I wish to see that it continues to develop and yet still remain a pleasant place to live in and bring up one's family. I was the Deputy Mayor of Fareham from 2004/2005 and Mayor from 2005/2006. 

I am a member of Licencing and Regulatory affairs committee, member of the Streetscene  panel. Deputy on the Housing panel.  FBC representative on the Citizens Advice Board

A staunch family man with old fashioned values I strongly believe that parents should know where their children are, especially at night, and be made responsible for their wrong doings and any subsequent damage. Indeed, all three of our families regularly sit down around the table for Sunday lunch together enjoying conversation on many topics.

We CONSERVATIVES believe in decisions being made locally, quality services at reasonable costs, local councils as the servant not the master of their local community.

I am here to serve all of Fareham Borough voters and promise to tackle all problems to the best of my ability.