Fareham Library to re-open soon after digital age updating

A MAJOR revamp is under way at Fareham’s busy library, which is temporarily closed.

The main feature of the work will see the installation of a digi lab. It will be equipped with IT and coding tools to encourage the public, particularly teenagers and young adults, to learn new skills. It should reopen by mid April, but the digi lab may have to open a few weeks later so volunteers can be trained to work alongside digital champions.

The children’s library is being extended and a library café will be created, although this, too, will not open until a programme of developments has been set up to encourage new customers.

"Fareham Library will close from 6 February and re-open on or around 18 April. A new café will be installed and two new community spaces will be created which can be used by the County Council and partners for small meetings or consultations.

The library will also have a new space kitted out with IT, coding tools and equipment to help customers develop new skills which will make them more digitally aware and confident in using new technology. The space will be launched shortly after the Fareham Library has re-opened and if successful will be used as a model for future libraries. "

Hampshire County Council Statement on Fareham Library 

County Councillor Peter Latham said: “This refurbishment to an already busy library will hopefully encourage many more users to take advantage of the excellent facilities being updated.”