The Rt Hon Suella Braverman QC MP

Member of Parliament for Fareham
It is an honour to have represented Fareham since 2015 and I’m delighted to be living in Locks Heath and getting to know the many local people who run their own business, volunteer in the community, have served in the Royal Navy or work in our local public services. I aim to be an effective Member of Parliament in this beautiful part of South Hampshire.

I was born in Harrow, London. Mum was a nurse and a local Councillor, and Dad worked for a housing association. My parents started with little but were proud to work hard, serve the local community and cherish the family: these are my core values which make me proud to be British. Education took me from my inner-city state school to reading Law at Cambridge University, the Sorbonne and New York City. I worked as a Barrister for 10 years, specialising in Planning law and representing the Government on the Attorney General’s Treasury Panel. Through my work, I have defended the Home Secretary in immigration cases, the Parole Board in challenges by prisoners, the Ministry of Defence in the Guantanamo Bay Inquiry, victims of domestic violence, pub landlords and farmers.

As a lifelong campaigner, standing for Parliament in 2005 and the Greater London Assembly in 2012. I am passionate about safeguarding the economic recovery of Britain and improving our schools, hospitals and local services.

I helped set up a Free School, Michaela Community School which offers a traditional knowledge curriculum and strong discipline and is transforming the lives of its pupils. I also set up a charity, Africa Justice Foundation, which supports community justice projects in some of the poorest parts of the world.

I’m a Conservative because our party says it doesn't matter where you start in life: you can improve your life and that of those around you by climbing the ladders of opportunity to realise your potential and make your community a better place to live for everyone.